Hunter Exam Information

Theoretical examination - You need to answer 60 questions within 90 minutes. It is forbidden to talk, use consumables, mobile phones, computers, tablets during the exam.

Shooting Exam - The ability to handle a weapon in a manner consistent with safety and the ability to shoot accurately is being tested. You have to shoot 10 rounds with a smooth-bore weapon at a distance of 35 m, of which 4 shots are made on a standing and 6 on a moving boar targets. The exam is passed if at least 50 points out of 100 are obtained. The plates are launched from at least two catapults and shots are made from at least five firing positions (flying, flying, and right and left targets). The exam is passed if at least 12 of 25 targets are shot.

Test hunting exam

Test your strength by taking the test version of hunting exam. There is no time limit for this test and it consists of 60 questions that were randomly selected.